There's a lot of buzz going around in the SEO world these days. With all the recent panda and penguin updates, people are confused and full of fear. But, is SEO dead or does it still work in 2014?

The truth is that search engine optimization still works very well, if done the right way. Most people that tend to cry about not having success with SEO are those one's that don't see success within weeks or months. The key to success with search engine optimization is patience! Don't follow the crowd and make your own experience!

Here are a few tips that you can apply to your SEO campaign:

1. Create High Quality Backlinks

You propaply heared it over and over again... Create high quality backlinks! But which kind of backlink is really considered as quality link?
At first keep in mind that here are lot of social plattforms out there that you can make use of and build a strong brand, instead of a thin website. Twitter, Facebook and G+ are always great to consider in a SEO campaign.

2. Video Marketing

Videos are another great way to market your business in the internet. Youtube is also considered as a quality link (Social plattform). You can capture a video of yourself talking about your business and what you can offer to your customers. Make sure to also include your phone call number which can create direct leads to your firm.

Hopefully you find those tips valuable. Make sure to check back regulary for our insider informations!


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    Januar 2014