I just came across an article today about Bounce Rate, how to decrease them aswell as why it is important to have a low bouncerate on your overall website. The answer is: Google is definitely putting more weight on websites with a lower bounce rate.

I just wanted to share this video with you (below) which is talking about the fundamentals of bounce rate aswell as give away a bunch of tips when it comes down to giving users the best experience on your website.

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Today i wanna talk a little bit about the difference between ranking websites in the U.S market, aswell as ranking sites for foreign languages like Germany (as i am german) or other countrys. I used to work for an SEO company in the past that dealt with German aswell as U.S clients. You can also access his blog at seocitys.blogspot.com.

When it comes down to ranking websites in Germany, my PERSONAL belief is that its much more easier and you can use strategys and methods that would might get you penalized at the U.S market. This is my personal belief, so this might not be the truth but i've seen it thousands of times.

While you always need to take care in the U.S market, you can still fire spammy links to german websites and rank them highly. This might not be a long-term method, but works for short term.

I am quiet frustrated that it seem's that Googles updates are not effecting foreign languages that much yet. It seems like the updates are not rolled out in different languages, but thats just me.

Hope you enjoyed my writing and i hope i have shed some light onthi
If you are thinking about hiring a SEO company in Germany, you should consider to interview your potential SEO firm first before you move along with them.

Many firms that i've personaly worked together with didn't really deliver what they claimed... But it also seem's like that most search engine optimization companies don't have a clue about what they are doing (or even worser, they are outsourcing their work over-seas).

What i've figured out is that a proper interview can tell you a lot about the company that you plan to hire for your website improvement & rankings. Since SEO has changed over the last years, many firms have been crushed by the so called "Panda & Penguin" Updates... They had no answer to those updates, so everything that they could do is to let their clients fall, right after those clients got their websites penalized..

...This is propaply not what you expect from a SEO company, isn't it?

When it comes down to search engine optimization, one important key to success is to be up-to-date. Most companys hire college graduated students that have no clue about how ranking websites really work (because they didn't even ranked a single one, not to speak their own sites).

Keep in mind to make sure that a company can actually hold what they claim... SEO still works, but only if it's done the right way. One of my friends in germany had really great success with hiring seonuernberg.org - Webseite. They've delivered extraordinary results and a fast turnaround time. To learn more about their goals for your business aswell as their ambitions, take a look at http://seonuernberg.org/ziel/

You can see that there are still companies out there (and also in germany) that can produce fast and professional results. If you are still worried about outsourcing SEO to a company, you can also learn it by yourself, which will propaply take more time and more money then hiring a professional agency.
There's a lot of buzz going around in the SEO world these days. With all the recent panda and penguin updates, people are confused and full of fear. But, is SEO dead or does it still work in 2014?

The truth is that search engine optimization still works very well, if done the right way. Most people that tend to cry about not having success with SEO are those one's that don't see success within weeks or months. The key to success with search engine optimization is patience! Don't follow the crowd and make your own experience!

Here are a few tips that you can apply to your SEO campaign:

1. Create High Quality Backlinks

You propaply heared it over and over again... Create high quality backlinks! But which kind of backlink is really considered as quality link?
At first keep in mind that here are lot of social plattforms out there that you can make use of and build a strong brand, instead of a thin website. Twitter, Facebook and G+ are always great to consider in a SEO campaign.

2. Video Marketing

Videos are another great way to market your business in the internet. Youtube is also considered as a quality link (Social plattform). You can capture a video of yourself talking about your business and what you can offer to your customers. Make sure to also include your phone call number which can create direct leads to your firm.

Hopefully you find those tips valuable. Make sure to check back regulary for our insider informations!


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